Sights & Sounds

Joey Mirabile Sr. and Logan Caine

Joey’s Hot Dogs, in Richmond’s West End, is for many the pinnacle of what is one of America’s iconic foods. Joey Mirabile has hot dogs in his blood. His father, …

Sights & Sounds

Jim Bordwine and Baron Bordwine

Nestled in the southern Appalachian Mountains, Saltville is named for its unusually high number of salt marshes, or, as locals call them, salt licks. Saltville’s natural salt deposits have influenced …

Sights & Sounds

Frances Davis’s Fried Apple Pies: A Culinary Artform

The Folklife Showcase is thrilled to welcome back our favorite fried apple pie makers, Frances Davis and her sister, Annie James. They will be back at the friers making their …


Joey’s Hot Dogs on the menu for Showcase

Joey’s Hot Dogs of Richmond, Virginia. We are thrilled to announce an exciting addition to the Showcase this year. We are bringing one of our favorite true folk masters of …

Sights & Sounds

Francisca Ramirez Acosta and Laura Ortiz

The word mole can refer to any of a number of richly flavored sauces traditionally used in Mexican cuisine, or to dishes based on these sauces. Varieties of mole include …

Sights & Sounds

Jim King and Jackson Cunningham

Beekeeping is the care of honeybee colonies, commonly in hives, to stimulate crop pollination and to ensure the production of honey and other hive products, including beeswax, propolis, and royal …

Sights & Sounds

Dudley Biddlecomb and Peter Hedlund

Because of the Chesapeake Bay’s ideal brackish waters, its oyster population was once one of the most plentiful in the nation, and oyster harvesting was long a booming industry throughout …

Sights & Sounds

Gail Hobbs-Page and Kyle L. Kilduff

Gail Hobbs-Page was given her first pair of goats as a child growing up on a North Carolina farm. “I loved their milk, and I loved the idea that I …

Sights & Sounds

Bill Savage and Bob Savage

While many associate the Eastern Shore with the work of watermen, it is in fact a predominantly agricultural region. Bill Savage grew up on his family’s farm near Painter, Virginia, …

Sights & Sounds

Jay Eagle and Tyler Eagle

Stunningly beautiful Highland County, Virginia, is the southernmost site in the United States for the production of maple syrup, where “Sugar Camps” have traditionally been small-scale, family-run operations. The syrup-making …

Sights & Sounds

Bill and Chuck Shelton and Rob Shelton

Thomas Jefferson experimented with eighteen or more varieties of apples at Monticello, only a few miles from the orchard faithfully tended by the Shelton family in North Garden, Virginia. The …

Sights & Sounds

Deborah Pratt and Teddy Bagby

For communities on Virginia’s Northern Neck, the oyster fishery was perhaps the largest and most influential industry from the mid-1800s to the mid-1900s. Men and women employed by the industry …

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