Sights & Sounds

Richmond Folk Festival Highlights – 15th Anniversary

As we look back at the 15th Folk Festival in Richmond we can’t help but take pride in the stunning success of this event! This was another great year, and …

Sights & Sounds

2019 Apprenticeship Showcase Highlights

We are so grateful to artists and audience who braved the forecast and came out for the 2019 Virginia Folklife Apprenticeship Showcase. The event featured a remarkable program switching seamlessly …

Sights & Sounds

Luz Lopez and Princey Reyes

Luz Maria Lopez was born in the small town of Morocoy, in the state of Quintana Roo on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula after her parents moved there from Michoacán. Her mother …

Sights & Sounds

Clyde Jenkins and Sam Jenkins, Isaac Lonas, Tanner Good, and Logan Hindershot

Clyde Jenkins grew up in the Shenandoah Mountains in Page County, on the homestead his family has inhabited for generations. Throughout his life working the land, Clyde has acquired a …

Sights & Sounds

The Sweetness of Virginia’s “Little Switzerland”

Maple Syrup in Highland County   Highland County, Virginia may be one of the least populated counties East of the Mississippi, but its heart is big, the mountain views are …

Sights & Sounds

Exploring Indigenous Foodways

What did food sovereignty look like in Virginia prior to the arrival of Europeans?  Why have Native American foodways changed so dramatically? And how are Indigenous communities building healthy, just, …

Sights & Sounds

2018 Richmond Folk Festival Recap

We wrapped up the 14th annual Richmond Folk Festival on October 14, and can’t help but marvel at that event’s feeling of togetherness and belonging that draws us in, year …

Sights & Sounds

From Sublime to Divine: Apprenticeship Showcase in Pictures

Thank you to all who came out for an awesome Virginia Humanities Folklife Apprenticeship Showcase this past Sunday at James Monroe’s Highland. While setup was done in what was at …

Sights & Sounds

Apprenticeships Keep Treasured Traditions Alive and Thriving

Why should you attend this event? Why do Apprenticeships matter? Virginia State Folklorist Jon Lohman explains: “When I began my tenure as Virginia State Folklorist in 2001, I visited communities …


What’s Cooking? Food makes the Showcase special

What makes the Virginia Folklife Apprenticeship Showcase special? The unique stories of the food purveyors who participate in this annual event. This year’s Showcase on Sunday, May 6 at James …

Sights & Sounds

Sondus Asad Moussa and Sanaa Abdul Jalil

Despite a population of just over 50,000, Harrisonburg is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in  Virginia. Today, the Harrisonburg–Rockingham County community includes refugees and immigrants from …

Sights & Sounds

Chris Prillaman and Tanner Talley

Franklin County is famous for its long history of producing and selling moonshine, or homemade liquor. Virginia colonists were distilling corn whiskey—boiling a fermented mash of milled grain and then …

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