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Incredible Lineup: Music, Food, Crafts of Folklife Showcase

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Ashley Nale and Sammy Shelor (photo by Pat Jarrett)

Virginia Folklife Apprenticeship Showcase
Sunday, September 16, 1:00-5:00pm

Stage Schedule:

1:00pm: Loose Strings: Bluegrass from Galax featuring Ashley Nale

1:30: Introduction by Jon Lohman, Director of the Virginia Folklife Program; Presentation of certificates to the 2011-2012 masters and apprentices

1:45: Flatpick Guitar with Wayne Henderson

2:00: Autoharp with John Hollandsworth and Sam Gleaves

2:15: Chickahominy Dance with Jessica Stewart and Vanessa Adkins

2:30: Blues Singing with Gaye Adegbalola and Lorie Strother

2:45: Clawhammer Banjo with Jimmy and Jared Boyd

3:00: Recognition of Crafters

3:15: Shape Note Singing with John Del Re, Kelly Macklin, John Alexander, and Diane Ober

3:30: Mongolian Dance with Ganna and Zana Natsag

3:45: Oyster Shucking Contest with Deborah Pratt and Clementine Macon

4:00: Instrument Contest Emceed by Harold Mitchell and Dale Morris

4:30: Sammy Shelor and Ashley Nale

Peter Hedlund and Dudley Biddlecomb (photo by Pat Jarrett)


Cobblers: Dave and Yvonne Young

Instrument Makers: Wayne and Jayne Henderson, John Hollandsworth, Sam Gleaves, Walter Messick, and Chris Testerman

Oyster aquaculturists: Dudley Biddlecomb and Peter Hedlund

Job-shop letterpress printers: Garrett Queen and Lana Lambert

Stone masons: David Conroy and Mark Smith

Gunsmiths: Wallace Gusler and Bruce Larson

Mongolian Mask Makers: Ganna and Zana Natsag


Cheese makers: Gail Hobbs-Page and Kyle Kilduff

Oyster Shuckers: Deborah Pratt and Clementine Macon Boyd

Brunswick Stewmakers: the Proclamation Stew Crew

Fried Apple Makers: Frances Davis and Annie James

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